Tinder Icebreakers – The FULL list on starting tinder chats

You have created a great profile on Tinder with an awesome bio and have several matches.

What next? – break the ice & start a conversation.

In this article, I have expertly outlined answers to the following questions.

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Tinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chatsTinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chatsTinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chats

Are all Icebreakers good? Do icebreakers really work? What icebreakers work best for guys?

Without further ado, Let’s begin!

Tinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chats

Tinder is a great app to find someone special.

Some persons use it as a hookup app (just like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) while others use it like eHarmony to seek serious relationships, but whatever your reason, you definitely need to be on top of your game.

 I suppose you’d be thrilled if I gave you several universal and simple Tinder icebreakers and solve the problems.

But all those Hellos, His, Sups, How Ya doings, and similar greetings don’t do the job on Tinder, my fellas.

Yes, we live in modern times, life is fast, no one has time for anything, let alone brainstorming awesome Tinder icebreakers, BUT:

If you really want to grab her attention instantly, you simply need to greet her in a memorable way.

Tinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chats

My point here is that using some clichés and worn off phrases won’t get you a chat with any girl, so you need to use creativity.

After all, do you wear the same clothes when you go jogging and to your office?

That’s right, you can’t use the same expressions to start a conversation with multiple women, because all of them are different.

Some of them fall for sweet talk, the others have a twisted sense of humor, some of them like lengthy chatting, so there’s no way one phrase can help you catch them all.

So, your job is to “know thy ice.”

Jokes aside, but it would be perfect to have at least some hint what’s the size and the look of that ice you are supposed to break and then get down to the business of brainstorming the right intro.

Here’s where your detective mission begins.

So, how to evaluate which opener works on which chick?

It’s not like you can ask her “Hey, love, how would you like me to start chatting with you?”

On second thoughts, why not, it can be an excellent humorous conversation opener.

Jokes aside, but the first field to explore and find some material for your opener is her profile.

Take a look at her bio and pic and look for some details which may be useful to trigger convo with her.

What I’m trying to say that tailored openers give you bigger chances to succeed than some boring phrases.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be something that will be related to any info she left on her profile.

What about the style she used to present herself?

Does it sound serious, funny, unusual, witty?

That’s what you can use to “customize” your greeting, as chances for a positive reaction from her side are bigger.

By style here I mean not just the words from her bio, but pic as well.

Is she alone in the photo or with a friend/pet?

What is she wearing?

Is she at home or in the club?

Do you see her fully or it’s a portrait?

The answers to all these questions will lead you closer to hitting the point and will help you come up with the best Tinder icebreakers for various chicks.

It takes several minutes to take all these details into account, but all the efforts pay off because you’ll inevitably impress her.

Tinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chats

You see, chicks like attention, so give it to them.

By showing that you are familiar with details from her profile, you have higher chances to chat with her longer, and when chatting goes on and on, you know what comes next.

(If you don’t blow up, but I’m sure you won’t because you have my awesome tips by your side.)

You know, even though it’s basically just a small sentence, several words, it’s actually the most difficult part of Tinder dating, as it determines the course of actions with that girl.

It’s either an engaging chat you two will have, or unmatching, and it all depends on your opener.

That’s why you are at the best place you can imagine because I’m here to supply you with the bombastic ideas for excellent openers.

Now the time has come to get down to some real action.

Lemme give you several practical ideas on how to come up with great icebreakers for Tinder, as well as EXAMPLES you can actually use when the moment for conversation comes.

These ones here are a sort of being on the safe ground, as you will be using data you’ve found on her profile.

Avoid pushy allusions, that’s all.

1.    If you want to give some comment related to her pic, it could go like:

“Hey, I wonder how long hair looks on you…” (if she has short, and of course, vice versa)

“Hm, I think you’d be even hotter as a brunette.” (If she is blonde/black/ginger or any other color which fits the occasion)

Tinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chats

“I wonder what are you looking at on that pic…” (in case it’s a photo of her looking left/right/ elsewhere than straight in the camera)

“What made you so happy when you took that photo?” (If she looks exquisitely joyful on that pic…you can also try the combinations with “sad”, “nostalgic”, but they give more room for things to go wrong)

“How long have you had that mischievous yellow cat with you?”

“You and your cat must be feline fine, aren’t you?”

“Was it a ruff day for you and your dog today?”

“I was wondering, when is your bird-day?”

أو “You can tell that dog of yours he’s got the loveliest owner I’ve ever seen” (These are adjustable for any pet there is, and you can improvise as much as you like)

“You have an excellent style, and I could use such a great fashion advisor the next time I go shopping.” (This may sound flattering if you like the way she’s dressed on the pic)

“I see you like red wine, I’m more of a cocktail person, do you like them?”

2.    You can also try the luck with “geo-located” humorous intros if there’s data about her location, or you feel free enough to assume where she might be from, based on her appearance.

“I knew Danish chicks are hot, but you go even beyond that…”

“Is it true that Chinese girls are always shy?”

“I’ve heard people from Russia drink only vodka, but I see you with a juice, how come?”

Tinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chats

3.    Besides pic, you can use something she wrote in her bio and spark a convo based on that

“Hey, that favorite song of yours happens to be my favorite one as well, what do you like the most about it?”

“I see you like seaside and beaches, I prefer skiing, do you think we could still have a good chat?”

The list can go on and on, you just do your best to spot some detail which has excellent potential and use it to your advantage.

There are so many options coming from a single pic, sentence or even a word, so be creative, it also counts.

On the other hand, if she was not “generous” enough to leave anything on the profile that could be of help to potential matches, is she still worth the try?

I say- why not?

Even the absence of anything particular can be an interesting foundation to build a conversation on.

One of the options is to apply those His, and Hellos, but you could do much more than that right?

You can tease her, and use that lack of info to amuse her.

For example:

“Can you believe it, I’m about to start chatting with the most mysterious chick on Tinder, I’m so flattered.”

“If you were to use one word to present yourself, what would you choose?” etc.

Tinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chats

Of course, you could try a bit more open approach as well, but it can be a bit risky, because it may offend her or be misinterpreted.

What I mean is something along the lines:

“I wonder how difficult it may be to start to chat with a person with such a silent bio…”

“Why so quiet?” etc.

As I said, these may turn out to be quite a cool choice, but perhaps a girl could see it as an attack on her decision not to reveal too much about herself.

So, it’s up to you to evaluate.

 Yes, of course, they are actually one of the most commonly used openers to approach a girl.

Unlike guys, who mostly focus on the pic, girls still fall for wittiness and a great sense of humor, so if you have those, you will have much better chances to steal her attention.

So, allow me to give you some smooth icebreakers, some silly rhymes, funny icebreaker one liners and much more, so don’t be afraid to use them.

You have probably heard this one: “How much does a polar bear weigh?”, with that “Enough to break the ice?” as her possible answer…

Now’s your turn to say: “No, they live on the ice. If they broke it, they would fall through.”

After that, you list three names, including yours (for example, Brad Pit, me, Bill Gates)

Allow her to amaze you with the answer, and build a convo on that.

If she says “kill you”- BINGO! Because that allows you to say “If you were gonna do that, then lemme take you out first.”

“Two truths and a lie (about you)?”

If you like her answer, then keep the game going on, you can say it was the best icebreaker you could choose.

“How bold is bold, darling? Gotta tell you, I eat my cereal with water, is there anything bolder than that?”

“Which fake name would you make up for yourself?”

Tinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chats

“Life without you would equal a broken pencil-it’d be pointless!”

“Do you ever lay looking up at the stars and think of how many messed up things are there in the world? I still cannot decipher- why is there a D in the fridge, but the refrigerator hasn’t got one?”

“Knock knock. Who’s there?” can be followed by:

“Hawaii. Hawaii who? I’m fine, Hawaii you?”

“Adore. Adore who? Adore is between us. Open up!”

“Cereal. Cereal who? Cereal a pleasure to meet you!

“Lettuce. Lettuce who? Lettuce in it’s cold out here.”

“Spell. Spell who? Okay, fine. W-H-O.”

“Yacht. Yacht who? Yacht to know me by now!”

“Stopwatch. Stopwatch who? Stopwatch you’re doing and talk to me.”

“Rhino!  Rhino who? Rhino every knock-knock joke there is!”

This list is endless, and if you ask me, these jokes are evergreen, they rarely fail.

“You know, I already see what the two of us have in common- you have no idea what I’m going to say next, and neither do I.”

Tinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chats

“What do you like talking about with the people you’ve just met? As for me, I always start talking about global warming. Isn’t that a real ice breaker?”

“You’re so adorable, that you made me forget the rest of my icebreaker.”

“You’re so hot that you’ve even melted my icebreaker.”

“If you were stuck on a desert island what would you do?”

“If you were to travel to a desert island, which three things would you take with you?”

“I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down!”

"أفضل صانع التوفيق""المواعدة السرية""الأفضل لـ Flings"
Tinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chatsTinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chatsTinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chats

“How did the picture end up in jail? It was framed!”

“What’s the difference between a hippo and a zippo? One is really heavy and the other is a little lighter!”

“Whenever I undress in the bathroom… My shower gets turned on!”

These are also a great choice if a girl has a pet (you can see that on some of her pics, or she wrote it in her bio)

For example:

“When a deer said to a bear, I’m gonna fight you with my bear hands, the bear replied Oh deer!”

“You seem so purrfect!”

“You’ve gotta be kitten me right meow.”

“I’m owl by myself, how about you?”

“Would you like to hear my koalafications or they are completely irrelephant to you?”

“How is a lazy kangaroo called? A Pouch Potato!”

“Is it too hawkward to start talking to you like this?”

“You look so cute like no otter.”

Not all of us are poets, but I’m pretty sure we are all capable of brainstorming some interesting verses to spark a convo.

 Here are several cool ideas for you:

“Tinder, Tinder on the phone, will I be forever alone?”

“Am I the first one to ask you on a date, or perhaps I’m a bit too late?”

“Gotta be quick, I’m running out of time, what do you think of my very first rhyme?”

You know, if you have just discovered there’s a hidden poet inside you. go ahead and explore those talents.

I’m sure you will have plenty of success with girls because poetry never fails.

You see, even with something seemingly benign like funny ice breakers for Tinder, there’s some room to make a mistake.

Okay, losing one potential match on Tinder is not a big deal, but what you should really be focused on is developing the art of communication.

So, if you were to compare these online conversations with real life, what would be those “better be avoided” topics?

  • سياسة
  • دين
  • Explicit jokes
  • Some rude stereotypes

Every one of us has a different sense of humor, but if I were to say what the majority of people would rather not play with, I believe my short list here explains it the best.

No matter how much freedom you have when it comes to using various ice breakers Tinder, don’t push the luck and risk offending the other person.

You have people who make quite open jokes on their own look or some beliefs, self-deprecating humor also works fine, but the key is in knowing where the line is and try not to cross it.

After all, none of us know a background of the person behind that pic and bio, so one wrong word and she (or he) is gone.

So, don’t use an icebreaker to invite a girl to have sex this instant, even if her profile looks inviting.

(Perhaps it’s a trick!)

Don’t make rude jokes about her juicy body parts in your opener, because you wouldn’t do that immediately if you were to meet any chick on the street in person.

That’s not how to stranger greet each other, am I right?

My point is, you can be as witty and funny as much as you can, but make sure your humor is not going to hurt any person.

You see, even with Tinder, you can actually exercise and polish skills for real-life communication with people.

In this modern era, what people mostly strive for is feeling like real persons.

I know it sounds silly, but we all feel like being part of the mass, or some group, and we are addressed in that way.

When someone pays attention to us specifically, we are all like butterflies in the stomach and all.

That’s what works as an icebreaker as well, so you can personalize the greeting by showing her that you really paid attention to some detail on her profile.

How do you do so?

Simply, by starting your sentence with some of the following:

“I see you wear/have…”

“I spotted on your pic/bio…”

“I’ve noticed something very interesting…”

“Is that________ on your pic or it’s just my imagination?”

These are just some of the ideas, and as you can see, they all have in common your attention for her profile, and that’s what creates a solid ground for good convo.

Let’s explore this possibility even more and see other ways how a greeting message can be customized for a specific occasion.

For example, if you are about to start chatting with a chick named Greta, you could try the following:

“Hey, cutie, what do Greta and great have in common?”

It could work with the one who’s name or nick is Sky:

“You know, I think the telescope is the greatest invention of all times, but that’s just me, I simply love looking at the sky and stars.”

I’ve got one if you’re about to start chatting with some Hannah, Anna, Elle, Ada, Ava…any chick with a palindromic name

“Hey cutie, what’s something spelled the same way forwards and backward and guys LOVE it?”

She answers Hannah, Anna, Elle, Ada, Ava… (her name), and you say: “Racecar, but you’re correct as well.”

“You know, I rarely give compliments to chicks I’ve just met, but I couldn’t help noticing- you have fantastic taste in men.”

 (This one is PERFECT to use immediately upon she right-swiped you).

Tinder Icebreakers - The FULL list on starting tinder chats

If she mentioner Harry Potter anywhere in her bio, this could work:

“Do you happen to know how HP goes down the hill?” (The answer to her “IDK”-Walking…sorry, JK…Rolling, I meant to say!)

As you can see, the majority of these icebreaker jokes for Tinder boil down to creativity, so use its full potential.

If you use them wisely, they can be an excellent addition to your opener and communication in general.

Don’t go all crazy with them, because it may look like you are out of cool words, so you are trying to make up for this lack by using those small pics and animations.

I’ve seen many times that some people have an entire communication using gifs and it looks awesome, but only if they are carefully chosen ones.

The same goes for emojis.

If you are not sure whether you could mess things up, you can combine them with oneliners, that’s what I’d do when in doubts.

No matter how carefully you analyze both the chick and her bio and come up with some excellent ideas on how to start chatting, she either fails to respond at all or after a second sentence she says: “Sorry, you’re simply not my type!”

These things happen, and it’s all part of the game.

You can do your homework well, but still, what goes on in her mind is a complete mystery, and you cannot change that.

There are so many reasons why this happens:

  • You’ve chosen the wrong style
  • Your opener was too dull or too shocking
  • She already has some other match she’s more interested in
  • It’s not her day
  • It’s one of those days etc.

The list could go on and on, but the point is- you shouldn’t think too much about it.

Let it go!

You know that you’ve done the best you could, so it’s not your fault!

If that chick really caught your attention, then okay, you can, but remember that Tinder is a massive network with so many active users, that you can basically find the next match in a matter of seconds.

It’s up to you to decide, what I’m saying is that you should “always look on the bright side of life!”

Now that you know all there is about the best icebreakers on Tinder, go ahead, see how they actually work.

Once again, no one can guarantee you two are going to end up in a bed instantly, but what I can assure you is that these openers and this strategy are provenly successful when it comes to catching her attention.

My advice is to steer clear of the explicitly rude or sensitive ones, and you’ll minimize chances to blow up.

After all, there’s only one chance to make a first impression, so use the given chance the best you can.

Have fun and happy icebreaking!