Revisión de HurtigFlirt de octubre de 2020: ¿real o falso? -

To delete your account go to “My Settings” and “Remove Account” then follow the instructions to complete the deletion.

Go to “My Settings” and select “Change Your Password.” Input your old password then your new one before hitting save.

Visit “My Settings” and then “Notifications” section to deselect the notifications you’d rather not receive.

You may have violated the terms and guidelines. Before uploading, check the don’ts found below the upload photo button to ensure the image you have in mind is a pass.

Your profile may have been tagged as suspicious, so to not get suspended, verify it immediately.

Before you can set your account to “Full Mode,” you’ll have to verify your own account first. You can do this by contacting the support team.

Go to their profile page and click the three vertical dots located at the upper left. Choose “Report” and follow the instructions. 

Head over to their profile and click the three vertical dots and click “Block.”

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