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In terms of communication functions, Loveaholics may not offer much, but it covered the basics quite well. In this dating site, you’ll have to entirely rely on your charm and wit through the chat feature.

Other than directly messaging a potential hot date, there are three more functions you can explore at Loveaholics. Even better, all these three are free whenever and wherever you feel like flirting.

How can winks be so subtle yet oh so flirty? At Loveaholics, sending a wink is a sure-fire sign that you got your eyes on someone’s profile.

Also, the immediate notification they will receive is a bonus. They may wink right back at you, or even initiate a conversation to get the flirting train running.

Here’s a little game when you feel like you have too many profiles to look at all at once: the Like Gallery.

This function will let you see a member’s primary photo one-by-one. If you like what you’re seeing, press the heart button. If they liked you back, you’d immediately become matches at Loveaholics.

In the same way that we keep a log of the things or events that are near and dear, Loveaholics also allows you to save a profile as your Favorite for easy backtracking. That way, there won’t be any more instances of forgotten usernames and lost chances in the future.

The heart of Loveaholics, every flirtation, and interaction will ultimately happen via Chat. Given that accusations of fake accounts plague Loveaholics, the Chat being a paid function is probably the website’s move to prohibit scammers and other malicious accounts from freely messaging members.

Despite this measure, there were still suspicious activities abound Loveaholics. For starters, minutes after verifying our account, we received a surge of notifications informing us that members were very interested in our profiles. They were liking, sending us winks, sending us messages, and adding us to their Favorites list.

This popularity would have been well appreciated if it were not for our bare account. Without a photo, nor additional details other than our name, age, and location, what could have they found interesting?