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  • Obtienes un perfil personal que puedes completar
  • The site comprises of male members only
  • Female members are part of the site’s catalog
  • Majority of members come from the US
  • Most members are adults and older men
  • High percentage of member’s daily activity

Members of LoveSwans are 100% male. This is because female members can sign up, but their profiles will permanently stay in the “being moderated” stage. As indicated earlier, LoveSwans is a catalog-like website where female profiles are Eastern European women who applied for a space in the portfolio. These women have professional photos or model-like appearances. Such photos are well-prepared and you can tell that the photos are taken from a photoshoot—whether amateur or not. Women are also active in the site by liking and sending messages to male users, even those who have not yet completed their profiles nor uploaded a profile photo.Seemingly, the majority of male members are looking for serious relationships and marriage. Most of them are within the marrying age or older, anyway.

Reports indicate that high member traffic and activity are coming from the United States. Based on research, the member base of LoveSwans mostly comes from this country. However, we are unable to verify this as no one is allowed to browse the profiles of other members of the dating site. You are only allowed to see the women members from the catalog.

  • You can sign up as a female, but your account will forever be on hold
  • A personal information form needs to be filled out upon sign-up
  • Email verification is required
  • Signing up takes 5 to 7 minutes
  • You can skip answering questions that make you uncomfortable sharing

Getting an account on LoveSwans is quick and easy. If you’re a man, you only need to fill out a personal information form and confirm your email. You will be asked about your first name, birthday, email, and password. Likewise, the site will need information regarding what you’re looking for in the dating site, lifestyle preferences, and details about your appearance. No worries as you can always skip questions that you are uncomfortable to answer. Thereafter, you need to respond to questions that ask about your ideal match. Then, you will be asked to upload a photo, which can be skipped. You get full access to the website after providing everything that is needed.

If you’re a woman who has decided to sign up on LoveSwans, after filling out the information sheet, you will be taken to a page that says “undergoing moderation.” Now, there is no way to check the status of your profile approval unless you decide to contact their customer support.

  • It is okay if you don’t complete your profile
  • Profile photos of women are taken from a professional or amateur photoshoot
  • Similar profiles are recommended when you are viewing a particular profile

On the one hand, women’s profiles in LoveSwans are shown in a catalog-like display. The photos they upload are taken from professional or amateur photoshoots that show their best angles. The majority of these profiles have several photos uploaded on their public and private galleries. They also fill out their profiles thoroughly — with their about me description long enough to know what they’re looking for in a man and their personality.On the other hand, profiles of men on the site are not required to be filled out. You can access the website even without a profile photo. Women will contact you and send you likes even if they don’t even know how you look like. This is probably why a lot of members question the intentions of getting contacted by the woman members. However, LoveSwans indicate that women profiles on their website are really active in finding a man they want to be with.Of course, your chances of getting a date is still highly dependent on the level of interaction you will have with the other member. At the end of the day, when you request a date through the dating site, the woman will have the final say whether to agree or not. 

So, it’s better to fill out your profile to increase the likelihood of her saying yes to the date. It could also help make your conversation with her more interesting.

“I always preferred dating women of Slavic descent. There’s something about their appearance—their eyes that captivate me. Yet living in the US, where there are few Eastern European migrants, my choices are fairly limited. I searched on Google for dating sites that cater to my preference and found LoveSwans. Although I needed to spend some amount of money, I think it was worth it browsing and talking to women of my type. I haven’t gotten the chance to meet one from the site yet, but I’m getting there.” – Leonard, 42, San Francisco Bay Area

LoveSwans is usability is designed with ease and simplicity so that users of all ages can comfortably use the website. On the home page, you can see profile recommendations which you can toggle whether you want to see all users or only online users at the moment. These profiles are displayed in a grid layout and have shortcut buttons of ‘Chat Now’ and ‘Like Her’.At the top of this grid, you can change your search queries to display profiles of your preference. On the right side, you see ‘My Statistics’ which displays linked sections of how women are engaging with you. There is a corresponding number beside these links that show how many interactions you haven’t seen yet.There are also pop-ups at the bottom right side of the page that appears whenever you have a new interaction. You have to manually click the ‘x’ button on these pop-up boxes to close them.

LoveSwans has a header menu that allows you to have dive in more specifically to its features. The menu includes:

  • Search – which is the home page
  • Faces – a roulette-type matchmaking feature of Loveswans
  • Messages – your inbox where you see all the chat messages sent to you
  • Mail – your inbox where you get to see all mail delivered to you
  • Credits – the page where you can top-up credits
  • Profile icon – a drop-down menu that includes everything you need to fix or customize your profile and profile settings

When it comes to design aesthetic, LoveSwans uses the colors white, black, gray, and red. They promote a clean overall design.

LoveSwans has a couple of special features it offers to its members. These features encourage contacting beyond sending plain likes and messages.

Faces is a matchmaking feature wherein profile recommendations are displayed in a roulette-type. You can either hit the green ‘Like’ button, which will send a like notification to the member, or the gray ‘skip’ button to move on to the next profile.

This is a page where you can browse through the profile of women who’s visited your profile. Your profile viewers are displayed on a list.

This is a page where you can see the profiles of women who have added you to their own Favorites List.

This is a page where your profile likes are displayed on a list. You can visit the profiles listed on this page by a click of a button.

You can send actual flowers and gifts to a member you like; you can purchase what you wish to give through the website using credits. The presents you buy will be delivered to the doorstep of your chosen member. You will be updated about the status of your order and get notified once it gets delivered.

Once you get your profile ID verified, you can ask to get another member’s personal contact information such as email and phone number. This is free of charge, but there needs to be an established online relationship between you and the member before you get to request them.

The request is usually processed within 7 days, and the other member can decline.

Setting up a meet-up with another member is possible in LoveSwans. You can request a meet-up if your profile is ID-verified. The request takes 72 hours to process and asks for 625 credits. If the other member declines, the 625 credits you paid for will be added back to your account.

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