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To help you narrow down your search results even further, Match.com has put in filters that allow you to find your ideal type in one go.

Through the sort search, this allows you to pick and view your search results on how you wanted them displayed. This includes:

Mejores opciones

These are profile suggestions that follow the preferences you indicated in your profile. Top picks also reflect those members you recently liked or sent messages to.

Activity Date

Shows you the last activity date of each match, their communication with another member, or the last time they checked their matches.

Newest First

This option displays all Match.com users who joined the site starting from the most recent members to the least recent.


You can sort your Match search results base on age—from youngest to lowest or vice versa.

Photo Count

Match profiles are sorted based on the number of photos they uploaded on the site starting from those with the most photos uploaded to their account.

You can also opt to check the box next to Photos only on the search form after you input your search criteria. The results will only show those members who fit your criteria and those who have photos in their profile.


Sorts based on the distance between you and your potential match based on your zip code or city. In other words, this determines how far away you live from each other.

Other than the listed above, you can also sort members through mutual search and reverse search.

Having search filters is essential to that you will be able to narrow down the criteria of your perfect match. The narrower the search criteria is, the more closer your matches are to your preferences. However, you should also expect that narrow preferences mean lesser potential matches.

If you’re taking that risk of a low number of potential matches, here are some of the search filters available in Match.com are:

You can use Match.com’s shortcuts filters where you will be able to set criteria on other members’ visibility and last online activities.

The site has also added an interests filters so that you can indicate your preferences of potential matches’ based on their hobbies and interests.

  • Looks or Physical Appearance

Physical appearance is also important that’s why Match.com provide looks filters for your preferred body type and eye and hair color.

  • Personal or Background Information

You may also specify if there are any personal backgrounds that you like for your potential match to be. You can use the personalfilters to set criteria for their marital status, ethnicity, educational attainment, and languages they speak.

Lastly, you would want your partner to have the same lifestyle as you, so the lifestyle filter is your friend. You can filter out people based on their habits such as smoking, drinking, and exercise.

You also have the option to save your search preferences to your profile or sent through your email for back up.

In its effort to make Match.com easy to navigate, it has put in place several ways to make its members easy to find. The different search options also help increase their chances of finding a Match. However, the site has also included precautionary measures to protect its users’ data and personal life.

Despite the number of Search options that Match.com, it has also included a feature that aims to protect your privacy regardless if you access it through your desktop or your mobile phone. With its privacy and location search features, you can be sure that your exact location is not shared nor made available to other members of the site.

If you choose to hide your profile, it will not be displayed on other members’ Who’s Favorited Me unless you unhide your profile. But you will still be able to add members to your Favorite’s list and Match.com will register that you have favorited them. Again, your profile will not appear on their list, but it will be once you unhide it.

Any Match.com member has the option to change their username any time they wish. However, if you do change your username, you have to know that you will still appear on other users’ favorite list and your new username will reflect on their list.

Match.com’s Search enables you to find members who meet your specific preferences. Taking matters into your own hands was made easy with their quick search function and a whole lot of other options. All you need to do is specify your type, set your matching options and keywords, and click search. Voila! You get your search results without going through every member’s profile on the site.

With the search functions, your long wait is over. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up for a Match.com account now!