Revisión de SPdate para 2020: ¿SPdate es legítimo? ¿Vale la pena SPdate?

Have you ever felt so lonely, or even just been curious about online dating, that you decided to try it for yourself, just to find out that the website you wanted to join is fake?

There are literally hundreds of dating websites out there and yes, most of them are either just click baits or credit card scams, but there are real websites that are meant to help people meet their perfect match or just find some regular hookup.

Today we are going to talk about one of those websites, called SPdate, which is a dating website very similar to Tinder, but more about that later.

We will walk you through what SPdate is, what are its good and bad sides, describe some features and present the overall rating of the website. Another site that I recommend more than SPdate is BeNaughty or naughty date. Make sure to see my review on it here, or head over to their site to check it out.

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"Mejor casamentero" "Citas discretas" "Lo mejor para aventuras"

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SPdate Review in Video Form

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A Glimpse into SPdate

Although SPdate has 51.76% of its members from the United State, its presence is felt in 252 countries. Whereas it is free to use hook up site for adults, 18+ pictures are not allowed to be uploaded and the use of fraud filters makes it safe to use for all with its almost 1:1 ratio of both sex.

About SPdate

SPdate is considered to be one of the most advertised adult hookup sites out there, which is very helpful when it comes to meeting the right kind of people, since the more people hear about it, the more they will try to use it.

It is a platform created to help adult people hookup and have some fun time together. For that goal, it has several very interesting features that could be useful in that regard.


What separates SPdate from other dating websites are its different features, which make it much easier to use the platform and find perfect matches.

You’ll find a one-night stand on this top hookup site.

Registro fácil – unlike many other typical dating websites, SPdate dating site gives you the option to register in several different ways.

You can do it traditionally, by using your email, but there are other options, such as the option to register via your Facebook and Google profiles, which makes it much easier to join the website and start using it without having to go through long and boring processes.

Sin desnudez – despite SPdate is there to help you to hookup, 18+ pictures are not allowed on the website, which is usually the case with most of the fake hookup adult dating websites.

No spam emails – again, unlike many other websites that tend to spam your inbox with fake emails, SPdate offers a spam-free environment, so you will not go through that agony and get angry, while at the same time, not being able to remove them from the mailing list.

Your personal information will be safe – the platform is designed in a way that there isn’t any third party that is capable of accessing your personal information, which is very important to preserve your privacy as a customer, which is not the case with many other websites.

Cuentas creíbles – there is a large number of dating websites that are flooded with fake profiles and stalkers.

SPdate is not one of those websites since its administrators constantly make sure that all registered accounts are credible since there is age verification requirement on the website, which makes it much safer to use than other dating websites.

Proceso de registro y primeros pasos

It is very easy to register on SPdate. You can either enter your email address and register or go through one of your social media profiles, such as Facebook, VK y Google+.

Once you are done with that, you should verify your age and start editing your profile, fill in some info about you, in order to find your perfect match.

The interface is very well-designed, it kind of looks like Tinder, but with slightly more options, which is a great improvement.

Discovery tab is where you will probably start your journey. There you can choose different parameters, like age, gender, and location, in order to find people that match your preferences.

The home tab is where you will find a girl to start communicating with. You can visit a girl’s profile, see her photos, send her messages or even rate her profile. When you find those you like, you should feel free to break the ice and start chatting.

Tips and Tricks!

Now, in order for you to have a successful hunt, we prepared several tips you could use:

  • Don’t hesitate to use the Discovery tab often, since it is the best way to find the person with the most similar characteristics you value in a person. That will help you a lot because it will remove some suggested people which you wouldn’t be interested in at all.
  • Make sure to edit your profile page as best as possible, which includes giving the most information about your attributes, interests, wishes, in order to attract more people. The high-quality profile picture is also a good choice; to do this visit this page to know how to create a distinctive profile. After all, we first see if we like the person on the outside before we decide if we like them from the inside.
  • Apart from attributes, you should really decide on the location or an area for which the program will do the search. Perhaps you want to meet people that are close or you want to escape your environment and hookup somewhere else.
  • Abandon your fears and biases. After all, you are here to have fun and meet interesting people. There is no need to fear anything since no one likes people who are afraid, so you better let go of your fears and be confident.

Pros y contras

Like with any other website, there are positive and negative aspects. Let’s start with the positive and discuss why they are important.


  • Multiple ways to register – SPdate offers 3 ways of registration (email, Facebook and VK), which makes everything easier, including age verification and making sure that all registered accounts are real.
  • Free use –unlike many other adult dating sites, which requires you to pay some fee in order to use them, SPdate is completely free to use, without any hidden charges.
  • Fraud filters – the website features built-in fraud filters, which are very useful when it comes to finding fake accounts and removing them.
  • Strict scam policy – in order to keep its customers safe, SPdate has very strict policies regarding the scam, which is there to ensure that your information is completely safe.
  • For both men and women – there are lots of hookup dating sites where men or women can find their own match for a hookup. SPdate offers this chance to both genders simultaneously, which is a great feature.
  • Lots of opportunities and functions – the website has some very useful functions that help with creating goals and also includes SPdate chat, which is a very helpful feature if you need some help or if you want to message people and talk about anything and everything directly like knowing when to walk away.
  • Una gran cantidad de usuarios – of course, this platform would be nothing without its users, and there are thousands of them, so you can be sure that you will find someone who will meet your requirements.


  • The platform looks like Tinder – a lot of people don’t like that SPdate is very similar to Tinder and go as far as to say that it is an enhanced version of Tinder.
  • Age verification required – it is not a big hassle, like on many other websites, but it still takes your time away from the possible hookup.
  • No videos – since SPdate is mainly focused around a conversation with other people, there isn’t an option to watch videos, which is a drawback for some people, but on the other hand, it helps you learn more about the person you meet.
  • The homepage could be better – to be fair, SPdate homepage looks really empty and doesn’t have too much information.

As you can see, none of these cons is related to the overall experience you can get on this website. They are simply something that could be improved in case of owners decide to do it.

With these pros, some of which are very important to your account security and safety, this website is very safe to use, which is crucial, since there are a lot of fake websites out there, trying to steal your personal info.

SPdate Mobile App

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"Mejor casamentero" "Citas discretas" "Lo mejor para aventuras"

To ensure that you are also able to hook up on the move, the SPdate mobile app was developed to help you in that matter.

It is available for both iOS and Android phones and both apps have really good reviews, which means you are safe to use them without any doubt.

First of all, you should download the app from the internet, either from Google Play Store or from the iOS store. You can also learn how to impress a promising partner using the best profile picture.

Once downloaded, just enter your login information or register if you haven’t already, and you will be free to use the app the same way you are able to use the desktop platform.

Maquillaje demográfico

Now, before you decide whether you want to use SPdate or not, you should first take a look at the simple demographics regarding the users, so you could see if there are even people from your area that are using the platform.

Statistics show the following demographic information:

  • United States – 51.76%
  • United Kingdom – 8.15%
  • Canada – 7.12%
  • Australia – 2.21%
  • India – 2.04%
  • Remaining percentage – 248 other countries

These numbers are measured on a daily basis, but they are usually not very different. One thing is sure, which is that more than half of the accounts are registered in the United States.

The male-female ratio is also quite similar to all other best adult dating sites, with it being closely divided by half users of both genders.


One of the main characteristics of SPdate is that it is completely free to use it, without any hidden costs and even without the option to upgrade your membership,butttt, that is not really the case. In our opinion, for paying, you get a lot more out of benaughty or naughty date than you do with spdate.

Make sure to check out our homepage for free; we have created the ultimate guide specifically to show you how to organize your online dating profile.

That is definitely not the case with SPdate, as it offers some free features, without having to worry about paying. If you want to get serious about meeting someone though, you will need to fork over money.

Las posibilidades de tener éxito

There are many dating websites that claim to be real but are nothing but clickbait, so a lot of people have become skeptical when it comes to finding the real dating website. When it comes to SPdate, yes, it is definitely real. It proves it by having a real and strict privacy policy, which has several key features:

  • Your personal data is completely safe, there is no third-party disclosure;
  • Only the members of the website are able to visit your profile;
  • The website uses services to prevent the search engine from accessing your profile, making it more secure, so you don’t have to worry that someone will google your name and find out that you have been using dating website if you don’t want them to;
  • In order to ensure that you completely enjoy your experience on SPdate, there are several policies regarding anti-fraud and anti-scam;
  • Cookie policies do not access your personal data, so you won’t have to worry about that. You are also able to change cookie policy in your browser settings;
  • Policies state that no one under 18 years of old cannot join the website, and there are strict ways of verifying that you are of legal age, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the law or hurting your reputation.

Because of all this, it is safe to say that SPdate is a very real dating website, capable of protecting your personal information, on which you will be able to find people to hook up with.

But, it is important to note that the website administration is not responsible for any information that you personally share with other people.

Depending on the region, it is very easy to meet someone, so make sure to check for the most populated locations in order to see if there are enough users in your country.

Calificación general

My overall rating for SPDate is 3/5. I suggest you check out Benaughty because that is my overall top rated hook up site.

  • Registrarse – 3/5
  • Comunicación – 4 /5
  • Filtros de búsqueda – 3/5
  • Facilidad de uso – 3 /5
  • Servicio al Cliente – 2/5
  • Seguridad y Anti-Scam – 3/5
  • Número de miembros – 3/5
  • Calificación general – 3/5

All things considered, SPdate has a decnt rating overall, which makes it an option, but not the bet on the market.

It is very simple to use, with the looks and interface similar to Tinder, but with many more options, which ensures that it is both simple and interesting at the same time.

After reading all these fantastic tips, without a great dating profile, you will not get far in your quest to find a suitable partner from the top users.

That is why we created the ultimate guide to creating a breathtaking online dating profile.