Revisión manchada de octubre de 2020: ¿Aplicación de citas millennial del mes? -

We all had ese experience.

We have been that person, sipping coffee and minding our own business, when a cute girl walks in the shop and grabs her latte. The girl catches our interest and we sort of like how the light catches on her glasses, making her brown eyes seem browner. We sit up a little bit straighter, trying to muster up the courage to say hello. But the butterflies on our stomach do not feel like butterflies anymore, they are more like bees all of a sudden. No matter how much we try, we just can’t seem to stand up, walk a few steps, and say hi. So, we just shrug, go about our separate lives, and remember once in a while the cute girl in the cafe. 

We have also been that girl on the train, itching to go home and take off our heels after a grueling 8-hour shift. We are just there, shifting our weight from one foot to another to ease a cramp when we notice a guy reading a Paolo Coelho book we never got to finish. We notice that he is not classically handsome but his face looks interesting, making it even more compelling to look at. It would only take three seconds of courage to reach out and strike a conversation. But we don’t. We sigh and step off the train without ever looking back.

We have all had this experience. It kind of makes you wish that you can turn back time and do things a bit more differently. Maybe if we’d said hello, things might have turned out great. 

And that, friends, is what Spotted aims to do. The dating app made by millennials for millennials provides a second shot at serendipity. Its features and functionalities are designed to help you connect with everyone around you who shares similar interests, hangs out at places you like, or has crossed your path.

Sound interesting, so far? Well, we took a closer look at Spotted to see if it can truly help you land dates and get to know more people near you. Are the prices justified? Is the app just all glitz and glamour with its cool aesthetic or does it actually walk the talk and can provide decent to good matches? All that and more in our review below!