Revisión de Sudy Octubre de 2020 - ¿Dátiles dulces o falsos amargos? -

50 coins – $2.99*700 coins – $27.992000 – $69.998000 – $239.99

16000 – $399.99

*Exclusive to Sugar Babies

Donuts Dream (10 sugars) – 29 coinsRosy Cupcake (99 sugars) – 99 coinsTiramisu Kiss (999 sugars) – 999 coins

Chocolate Love (5999) – 5999 coins

No, the site managers will not allow you to post obscene photos.

You can directly report their profile, but Sudy support recommends that you screenshot your conversations and send them to [email protected] so they can take action.

For free accounts, you can but only the most recent one who viewed it. If you want to view all the accounts who’ve visited your profile, you’ll have to get a premium membership.

You can deactivate your account by going to Me > Settings > My Account > Deactivate Account. You can only do this on the Sudy app.

For Sugar Babies, you can verify your account by uploading a photo of yourself doing a particular gesture to confirm your identity. This is called “Beauty Verification”.

For Daddies, you can verify your account by uploading legal documents on your profile. This is called “Income Verification”.

You can increase your Glamour ranking by interacting with daddies and having them send you “sugar”. To increase your Wealth ranking, you spend your Sudy coins on sugar.

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