Revisión de Tawkify de octubre de 2020: ¿solo falsificaciones o fechas reales? -

Tawkify’s registration process is meticulous.

The questions asked are not complicated, but you are not allowed to skip any of them because of their specific matching rules.

The questions are of basic nature such as your gender, sexual preferences, location, birthday, relationship status, ethnicity, religious identity, occupation, income, and some information about your physical appearance—the usual stuff to give Tawkify’s staff a starting point in finding you “the one.”

Another unique thing about Tawkify is that upon signing up, it will ask how they can help you, and these are your options:

  • Free myself from the hassle of planning and scheduling dates
  • Looking for an expert to help screen and select matches for me
  • Looking for personal insights and guidance around the way I date
  • Curious about having a personal matchmaker
  • Looking to make dating a priority
  • Someone told me I should give it a try

One of the most important parts of the profile creation is the part where you will describe what your ideal matches are.

Since a real human being will sort out your information and find you a match based on a guideline, you can be as specific as you want in this section.

In this section, you can specify top qualities that you find most alluring in a match, your relationship goals, and the best traits that you can offer in return.

You must also upload at least two recent photos of yourself. These photos are for internal use only and will not be shared with potential matches.

But before you can finish creating the profile, you must provide your contact number because it will be verified by the site.