26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys – These are gold

Do funny pick-up lines still work for girls in this day and age? Absolutely!

I can tell you that girls are sick and tired of phrases like “Hey cutie, what you doin’?” – They need laughter!

This article will help you know:

"Meilleur Matchmaker""Rencontres discrètes""Idéal pour les flings"
26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

The best funny Tinder pick-up lines for guys Funny Tinder pick-up lines that will work Funny Tinder pick-up lines that won’t work

Let’s try them out already guys!

26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

By now you must have known how popular Tinder is and probably have also heard that it is just a place to get a quick fling or one-night-stand (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), but it will surprise you to also know that a lot of people have found serious relationships on Tinder just like eHarmony.

Before I give you the ultimate list of the funniest pick-up lines on Tinder, I will briefly deal with some of the basics behind a good and funny line that can get you on a date.

Today, it’s all about being different and noticed and it is especially so when it comes to dating through Tinder and the first written impression you want to leave on your match.

As we are all striving towards these, many are failing.

Sometimes, your effort simply doesn’t cut it.

And that’s OK!

Maybe you don’t have the skill to write a perfect pick up line, but you can definitely excel in other aspects.

Anyhow, when a girl reads something similar to the example in the intro, she’ll easily think “And, another one bites the dust.”

So, when coming up with that perfect pick up line, you need to make sure that it is original, funny, and relevant.

Otherwise, you will be ignored.

To achieve this, you must be careful about the word choice and the overall phrasing of your writing.

A bit later, I will show you the difference between a well-phrased and a poorly phrased funny pick up line.

Since we are talking about original and funny, you will find here all the examples you need.

As for relevance, note that you don’t have to use the exact lines as given here but you can instead adapt them to your conditions.

Now is the time to start with the funniest pick-up lines that are guaranteed to get you a casual hook up or a real date.

Did you know that I seriously considered changing my name to either Heywood U. Cuddleme or to Oliver Clothesoff?

Bar Simpson is an endless fountain of wisdom and inspiration for the generations to come.

Although his humour is often misinterpreted as childish, Bart makes us face some of the difficult truths out there.

Anyhow, in this case, we are dealing with one of the many pranks he’s pulled throughout the series and this one will work perfectly for your purpose of picking up a girl on Tinder.

You can work this one further and find additional ideas across the film and music industry.

Of course, keep it relevant for the girl you want to pick up.

26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

I wish there was a Stairway to Helen so I can safely pass the Helen Gate and experience all the joys of Helen!

Obviously, Helen = Heaven.

This one is innocent at first sight but it can also work as a light sexual pick-up line.

When you opt for this one, make sure to adapt it to the name of the girl.

If this one doesn’t fit, you can find other puns easily.

26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

But, a funny gentleman.

Do it like this.

If it pleases m’ Lady, would you be interested to accept the earnest courtship of a humble servant such as myself? I vow to be thine truthful companion as long as you’ll have me and I also vow to please thy ladyship in every which way.


All at the same time, this one will evoke the olden times romantically, and mostly inaccurately, depicted in movies and it will awaken her imagination.

Just be careful about being taken way too literal with this servant part.

You might end up chained to her bed.

Or, could this be the point after all? 😉

26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

This Rose is blonde,

And I would like to wine&dine her.

This one is the classic rhyming approach.

You took the known details and made a lightly sexual twist that she won’t resist.

Or, here’s another option.

This haiku is so bad,

It’s getting quite late, 

The birds are singing,

I’m going to bed.

Total nonsense, and yet it will do the trick.

She might even reply with a better haiku than the one you generously shared.

You can move on from there to exchanging more rhymes and even ask her phone number through rhymes.

Was consumed by a slumber,

Then I asked for her number,

I wrote mine ((202)-***-****) and told her

Call me any time.

Can you tell me what’s’ wrong with girls? When they hear that I have a corner office with the view of the entire city, that I am paid to travel and drive a $500,000 vehicle, they all want to meet. Still, when they hear I’m a bus driver, they all run away. 

This one is quite amusing.

She will not expect an ending like this.

More likely, she will expect some comments about your physical appearance or similar.

This will come as a surprise and will make her smile.

When she replies, offer her a free bus cruise.

26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

Cause, why the heck not?

How about a bottle of wine, a walk on the beach and meaningless sex while the sand fills our but cracks? 

Seriously, she won’t be able to resist commenting on the punch line.

And, believe it or not, you’d be trying this out live before you know it.

26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

Hey, what’s the funniest Tinder pick-up line you’ve heard?

When she replies, you got two options.

One is to keep the joke going and come up with something related to it.

The other is to send it back to her and act all smart about it.

You: WYD?

Her: Not much

You: No, where’s your dog?

She’ll laugh hard at this one.

And laughing is good.

When you make a girl laugh, you’ve done half of the job.

You: What’s the difference between you and work tomorrow?

Her: What?

You: I’m not coming into work tomorrow

Direct, raw, kind of brutish, and causes just the right reaction.

Even if she doesn’t like it, tell her a friend challenged you to try this line on a girl, and you, the naive fool that you are, made the mistake.

Then ask to meet to apologize in person.

See what we did here?

Did you notice how ridiculous the word “diputseromneve” sounds? And, if you read it backwards, it’s even more stupid

These nonsensical literal, child-level jokes are hilarious and girls love them.

Take my word for it and give a try to these jokes.

You will be amazed by the feedback.

26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

But a relevant one.

For example, I sent this to a LOTR fan.

I heard my older niece convincing her younger sister the other day that J. R. R. Tolkien’s real name was Jolkien Rolkien Rolkien Tolkien. I’m still laughing. And, laughing hard!

First of all, you have just shared some personal details about yourself – you have nieces and you pay attention to them.

Second of all, you noticed the details about your match that tell you she’s a LOTR and/or Jolkien Rolkien Rolkien Tolkien fan.

And finally, you made her laugh.

What would you rather have from me?

a) Long, intelligent conversations about the topic of your choosing?

b) A Nice restaurant, wining&dining + movie?

c) Multiple orgasms in a single night?

When she asks for a D (as in all of the above), you are aware what to tell her, right? 😀

(Remember this example specifically for later on!)

26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

You can try many here, including Joey’s iconic phrase How you doin’? but there are so many more you can try out.

For example, this one works 90% of the time.

How bendy are you from (000)–000-0000 to Phoebe Buffay?

You’re being sexy and cute at the same time.

Girls love that.

Just like that.

Sorry for not texting earlier. I was busy trying to figure out where would be the best place to take you out. Sadly, no ideas. So, shoot!

Girls like being apologized to.

And besides the apology, you let her choose where she wants you to take her.

Cause, why not?

What’s your favourite joke? Mine is any joke about elevators. They work on so many levels.

Again, literal puns and jokes may yet be the best ones.

Utterly stupid and brilliant at the same time, they will draw a smile to anyone’s face.

All that’s missing is a little spoon.

Emojis are great if you ask any girl. Guys, though, are not so keen on them.

Anyhow, give them a chance in your pick-up lines.

You will skip the routine and make your line more interesting.

This line specifically is cute and it comes with an underlying sex invitation.

You can’t go wrong with these since subtlety is very much appreciated.

Don’t get me wrong, but an open sex invitation can sometimes cause counter-effect and you will end up empty-handed.

Let us now check these.

It is understood that the sense of humour is a highly relative notion.

Some have it, some don’t.

That is how we are made.

Sometimes it happens that your sense of humour is great, but it is either misunderstood or completely lost on some people.

Similarly, you can be funny, but inappropriately, and thus waste your chances of success on Tinder.

You need to be aware that not all funny pick-up lines are successfully funny pick-up lines.

They might work once or twice, but I would not suggest using them.

Let’s see which of the inappropriately funny lines you need to avoid if you’re planning to score on Tinder.

"Meilleur Matchmaker""Rencontres discrètes""Idéal pour les flings"
26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

Whatever you do, don’t use these.

You: Hey, do you know which sex position makes the ugliest kids?

Her: Mmm, missionary perhaps?

You: Ask your parents, they should know 😀

Seriously, dude, what’s wrong with you?

This is plain savage.

The joke is funny, though, but it’s funny when you say it a friend you’ve known all your life, not to a girl you’ve just matched with on Tinder!

And no, the smiley face at the end won’t help you!

This is a real insult no matter in which form it came.

There’s no chance in hell that this will get you any further than mere F*ck off, jerk!

Preheat the oven, cause I’m coming in raw!

You may have heard that this is a funny pick-up line, and it is indeed.

But, this is funny when you say it to a girl you’ve already had sex with and you know for sure that she’s into that kind of talk.

When you try it with someone new on Tinder, your chances of success are equal to zero.

In whichever form that this one comes, it simply won’t work as a successful pick-up line.

If only you were my pinkie toe so I can bang you on any piece of furniture I own.

Ok, she will definitely get the pun.

You introduced banging in the equation in a funny way.

You didn’t just blatantly tell her that you want to bang her, but you made a comparison with your pinkie toe.

And, the invitation is sort of funny.

But still, boy, no banging for you with an invitation like this.

Can you come and blow my whistle baby? Seriously, I have a whistle here in my bedroom.


Is your body a whistle? Cause I wanna blow you?

The logic why not to use these is similar to the “banging” example above.

This can be funny to athlete girls and girls into sports.

Other might not find it that funny.

So stay on the safe side and skip these all the same.

26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

Sexy legs, baby girl. What time do they open?

The chances that she replies with “They open at the same time I pull this trigger. Want me to open them?” are almost equal to zero.

Girls are generally not keen on blockbusters so she will probably miss the Fast Five reference.

Your explaining it further will just make the matters worse and you’ll end up empty-handed.

Only a few of the lucky ones will get positive feedback to this even if she doesn’t know the reference.

Instead, try the lines from LOTR ou Harry Potter franchise.

Not to mention that Game of Thrones is always a good source for conversation starters.

I mean, everybody has seen it.

Or, you can even dare and try something from The Handmaid’s Tale.

The show’s rather cringeworthy and yet so relevant in these tumultuous days.

If you were my girlfrien’ I’d give you the D any day of the week.

We had an example with missing the D in the funny lines that work. (The one I told you to remember for later on.)

So, why would that one work while this one wouldn’t?

Well, in the first one, you gave her the choices and let her sort of ask for it.

Of course, you need to be aware that these are all good and funny puns and that these don’t mean you will necessarily get her number straight away.

You’re just leaving a good impression paving your way to success.

Next, the first one is also clever as opposed to this one.

In the funny-that-works example, you gave her a full array of options she can expect from you.

Here, you’re just being blunt. Chances are she will feel offended rather than saying “Yes, I’d very much like you to give me the D!”

It’s all about how you put it (the words, not something else! 😀 ).

The first example takes account of her as a flesh and blood human being while the second one treats her like a sex doll with a pinch of inappropriate humour.

This is the difference in cleverly and poorly phrased pick up line I mentioned previously in the article.

So, mind the phrasing!

I’d cover your body with peanut and lick it off of you until I get the allergy.

Hm, leave your fetishes for later, dude!

Seriously, what are you trying to tell her with this one?

I mean, licking her body seems like a good idea.

But, do you even know where she wants to be licked in the first place?

Your fetishes or merely crazy ideas are most likely not her fetishes/crazy ideas too, so she’ll just ignore an invitation like this.

Most notably, mother.

No! No! And a NO!!!

Was just looking at this photo of yours and you so reminded me of my mum from her younger days!

Ok, Oedipus, go suck on your mamma’s titties until slumber does your spirit seal!

Why on earth would you send this as a pick-up line to a girl you want to hook up with?

This tells her that you’re mamma’s boy unable to please a woman the way she wants to be pleased.

And, no, she won’t think it’s cute.


Hey cutie! Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

Or whichever other place that comes to your mind.

These are very likely the most frequent lines and there isn’t a single girl on Tinder that hasn’t got it at least once.

So, for the love of God, don’t just don’t use these.

Remember, we said “be original”, not repetitive.

26 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys - These are gold

Hey, girl, is your dad a terrorist? ‘Cause he surely made a bomb!

Ha. Ha.

Please, don’t!

There’s no girl on Earth, let alone on Tinder, that hasn’t heard this extremely overused and ineffective pick-up line.

So, I am asking you kindly, in the name of all the girls out there, don’t send them this.

They are tired of such lines.

And, no variations are welcome either.

Do you know what a girl does when she gets such a line on Tinder?

She ignores it, ‘cause, she’s seen it multiple times over.

This list can go on, but these were the top choices of funny lines that won’t get you hooked up with someone through Tinder.

Avoid them and try something from the first part of this article instead.

Picking up someone successfully through Tinder requires skill and devotion.

You can’t just ask a girl “Wanna bang tonight” and hope for success.

Ladies like attention; they like to know that you made an effort specifically for her.

So, your pick up lines need to be original and funny at the same time.

However complicated this may sound to you, there is always a way to circumvent the difficulty.

Here you got the best examples of funny pick up lines that work on most of the girls regardless of their general likes and dislikes.

Also, you have a list of the pick-up lines you need to avoid if you’re meaning to score.

If you want to make a complete fool out of yourself and end up on the group chat with her girlfriends, try the lines from the heading Funny Lines that Don’t Work.

But, don’t come complaining to us later.

We warned you on time.

Instead, go with anything from the first section and let us know your success in the comments!

No dirty details, please!