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Log in to your account and click “My Settings.” Scroll down and select “Remove Account” then follow instructions to finalize your decision.

Go the “MySettings” and click “Change Your Password.” Enter your old one the key in your new password. Hit “Save” to complete the process.

Click “My Settings” then scroll down to the “Notifications” section. Untick the notifications you want to opt-out from. 

IWantBlacks imposes strict guidelines when it comes to your photos. You may have violated one of them, so make sure you read the guidelines located below the pop-up where you will upload a photo.

A member may have reported your account as suspicious, thus the need to verify it.

Yes, you can. You have to verify your account with IWantBlacks customer service first. To do this, get in touch and answer their basic identification questions.

Visit the page of the member and click the vertical dots located at the upper right corner. Select “Report” and follow the succeeding instructions.

If you wish to block a member, visit their profile page. Click the three vertical dots located at the upper right portion and press “Block.”

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