JOYclub Review Octobre 2020: Est-il temps pour de vraies dates érotiques? -

JOYClub has a lot of contacting features for all its members to use. Here’s a breakdown of all the contacting features the dating site has:


Clubmail is JOYclub’s messaging feature; all members—basic, plus, and premium—can view and reply. But for the initial sending of Clubmails, only paying members can do that.If you are a premium member and want your messages to be noticed, it is best to send an Express Clubmail. This way, your message will be displayed at the top of the receiver’s inbox. Premium membership allows you to send 10 Express Clubmail per day.

You may also save your ClubMails if you want to. Basic and Plus members get to save 5 Clubmails, while Premium members get to save 10.

Rate Members

In every profile, there is a button that says ‘Like’. When you hover on this button you can either click ‘Like’, ‘I don’t know’, and ‘Not Interested’. 

Only Premium members get notified if you sent them a like. The other two options are just there to help JOYclub tailor its matches better for your preference.


The search function of JOYclub is very extensive. Its basic filters include your gender preference, location, and age. The advanced features have the following filters: Relationship status, Preference for, Partner Swapping, Body Type, Inclination, Dom/Sub, Height, Smoker, Swinger, Logged in as, and Photoshoots. Each filter has a corresponding option based on the category. You can also search for members who are currently online and those who recently joined. 

You are also allowed to optimize your search results and show only verified members and those who have pictures on their profiles.


These are member-created groups, which are usually categorized based on fetish or desire. All members can join any group. However, Basic members are limited to joining 5 groups only, while Plus members can join 25 only, then Premium members can join 50.

Most of the time, these groups are secure and you have to be a verified member to join. Some groups require that you answer some questions first before they accept your join request.


In this feature, you can join public chatrooms that are started by JOYclub. All members can freely participate. Premium members can create their chatroom and invite participants to a private chat.


This feature is filled with discussion boards, both started by JOYclub moderators and members. Here, you’ll find helpful advice from other members.

Dates & Events

This page shows the list of dates that other members posted as their updates. It usually shows you if you are nearby the location of their desired meet-up. You can also enter your classified date ad—Basic members are allowed to post one, Plus members can do three, while Premium gets to enter five dates.This page is also a directory of nearby events from listed swinger clubs, bars, or studios, where you can join and register through JOYclub. JOYclub members can enjoy member discounts when they sign up through the site.

You can view the venues where events are commonly held, and see their month’s upcoming events.