TS-Dating: Best Transgender Dating Apps Review (2021)

Finding a date has always and will always be a challenge.

Then you must wonder how much more difficult it is for transsexual people.

Today, I’ll walk you through the best transsexual dating sites out there based on the following criteria:

Let’s check out the best transgender dating apps!

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TS-Dating: Best Transgender Dating Apps Review (2021)TS-Dating: Best Transgender Dating Apps Review (2021)TS-Dating: Best Transgender Dating Apps Review (2021)

TS-Dating: Best Transgender Dating Apps Review (2021)

Best Trans Dating Sites in Video Form

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People are aware of how difficult dating was, it still is, and it will always be.

Dating is damn difficult.

Though there are many options to choose from when looking for a dating site/app, with some sites (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) solely focused on those looking for quick flings while others (like eHarmony) pride themselves in bringing together those seeking serious relationships, yet it is never easy to find a suitable date.

But can you imagine how difficult is it for transsexual people?

How difficult is it to find Trans friendly dating sites?

If you are one of them, check out the best transgender dating sites.

TS-Dating: Best Transgender Dating Apps Review (2021) TS-Dating: Best Transgender Dating Apps Review (2021)

Signing up –3/5

Making Contact –4/5

Qualité du profil - 3/5

Effectiveness   –5/5

  • Free chat options
  • Creating free blogs
  • Posting a lot of pictures
  • Free to download and use
  • Many active members
  • Facile à utiliser
  • No email signing up
  • Adding music is available
  • Old design
  • Not matched with Facebook App
  • Updating personal information isn’t always available
  • Approving something can be a long procedure
  • There is no mobile app

Transgenderdate is one of the best Trans dating apps.

Its members and users come from all over the world, but it is the most popular in the States, Canada, France, the UK, and the Netherlands.

80% of its users are men.

They support this 20% of women by encouraging them constantly on the Transgenderdate app.

Transgenderdate has become the synonym and the inner voice of the Trans population and the LGBT communities.

Transgenderdate is an app for all the people who exactly know what they want to look for.

That’s why 90% of its users are direct and open-minded.

People are usually interested in finding romance and a serious relationship.

Straight people can use this app, too.

You can you this app above 18.

The users are mostly middle-aged because the app gives you a bunch of different amusements.

When you visit their website, Transgenderdate.com, you will have to make signing up procedure.

Although this app doesn’t have access via Facebook account, the signing up process is really simple and quick.

You have to fill in the gaps all your personal information that will be required (gender, interest, email, username, etc.)

The bad thing about the username is that you can’t change it when you create it.

When you fill in all this information, confirm the registration and you are ready to use the app.

Sometimes, the verification can least more than 24 hours, so you need to be a little bit patient.

While you are arranging your profile, you need to pass a few steps of the verification process.

The Transgenderdate team pays attention to all users’ safety and that’s why it can take it too long.

Once you start using the Transgenderdate app, you will truly enjoy it using its features.

You can post photos, send messages, open video chats, looking for other profiles, read blogs, and the most interesting thing of all is that you can create your blog.

By writing blogs on Transgenderdate, you can write about whatever you want. Be careful.

Avoid to be too rude or offensive, because the Transgenderdate team will restrict that type of content.

As you can freely write, you can freely read what other members are writing and posting.

This feature is similar to chat rooms.

You can participate in different discussions, subjects and you can join as many chats as you want.

Mailbox is a very useful thing.

You can use it as you use an email.

You can write emails to other members, attach documents, and photos, and you can even see if your email is read or not.

This is the only feature you have to pay extra if you want to use it.

The Advertisement feature offers you to upgrade your business and spread it further.

This app is totally free.

It is safe because there are several verification procedures you need to complete.

You can verify your profile by taking a profile picture with a code given by the Transgenderdate security service.

This process lasts for 24 hours.

The max number of photos is 500.

You can report a user by contacting its admin team or going on the [email protected]

You can do it in the Mail options and setting where you are going to be able to remove members you want to block.

You can use PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Prepaid Cards.

After previous calculating, the overall one is 3. 75.

TS-Dating: Best Transgender Dating Apps Review (2021)

Inscription - 4/5

Prise de contact - 3/5

Profile Quality –3 /5

Effectiveness– 4/5

  • Women can use this app for free
  • 100% safe to use it
  • You will find your public
  • Many active users
  • Processus d'inscription rapide
  • Caractéristiques intéressantes
  • Facebook account
  • There is no mobile app
  • You can post just several photos
  • Male members have some extra cost

Over 32, 000 users in the USA.

MyTranssexualDate.com is one of the tranny dating sites.

It is really popular among Brazilians.

It was founded 7 years ago by interesting couple, a French entrepreneur, and his beautiful drag queen wife.

This tranny dating is available in more than 10 languages.

This app is for people who are looking strictly for an emotional relationship, and even marriage.

It’s more like a girlish app because it is completely free for all women that are quite impressive and unusual.

You cannot find any straight people who are using MyTranssexualDate at the moment.

Its registration and use are very easy.

You can sign up by using your Facebook account.

You can add your email, and the verification process will be completed through your email address.

As in all other apps, you have to add some basic and personal information, so people can see your interests and personality.

The female users can use everything for free, but the male users have to pay some extra features if they want to chat with women or send them messages.

Speaking about the photos, members who are using the basic features can post a maximum of 16 photos.

Members who are using premium features can post as many pictures as they want.

If you have favorite members, you can easily put them on your favorite list.

But, on the other hand, if you are somebody’s favorite, they can add you to their lists, too.

When you think about the filters, your first thought is filters on the photos.

But, hell, no!

These filters are just some extra information about you or the other users that can help in searching for people and know them better.


Yes, it is. It is one of the safest transgender dating sites.

The basic package is free, but if you want to upgrade the app and your profile, you can spend from 29 to 130 US dollars.

Well, the founders of this app said that this site is for all transgender women, and for all the men who can appreciate them.

Yes, you can. You can do it by going to the Account Settings.

You can block, and report people, too.

The overall rating will be 3, 5.

TS-Dating: Best Transgender Dating Apps Review (2021)

Signing up 3, 5 /5

Making Contact4 /5

Profile Quality 2, 5/5

Efficacité 4/5

  • It’s free
  • There is a mobile app known as “transgndr”
  • Blog options
  • Pleasant active members
  • Many features, etc.
  • Your personal information and profiles are always open and everyone can see them
  • Personal safety isn’t guaranteed
  • Basic profiles
  • This app is sometimes not fit other devices

This app is 21 years old and it’s an adult already.

Its owner is famous for a very special story about the launching of this transgender dating app.

In the late eighties, there was a New Yorker who was humiliated in the public for his partner.

Then, he decided to create an app where people could express themselves.

There are some Trans dating sites with a romantic background.

90% of Americans use this app.

The interesting part is that users are equal, fifty-fifty.

Users are between 25 and 35 years.

The site is wide opened, and without any personal restrictions.

Au contraire, members are usually looking for a sex combination or some people they want to spend the night with.

And they are honest about their requests.

This hanky panky app is available for straights, too.

For some of the members, this can be an unpleasant app because some users don’t hide anything.

You can get the naked truth!


The signing up process is step by step that can be sometimes boring, especially if you are not in the mood to add all the basic information immediately.

It lasts for about ten minutes.

At the end of the registration, you have to add your email address and your profile picture.

The verification code will be sent to your email account.

The interaction between users and members is very significant for the TGPersonals team.

Here are some of the main features you can use to make contact and interact with other people.

Send messages to people you like at a first sight, and start chatting with them.

Add friends, and follow your activity board.

You can add your crush to your list, and vice versa is possible, too.

This option allows you to write down your thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Make your profile into your dairy everyone can read and admire.

Yes, it is. It is the best transgender dating app 100% free.

Its team works hard on its safety to give you the maximum protection. However, some fake profiles can easily appear.

No, you don’t have to. You can skip the field with the postcode.

No, you don’t. You just need to have your real and valid email address.

Yes, you can. Search for the Account Options.

Unfortunately, you can’t. Deleting your profile is forever and ever.

Voila! It’s 3. 5.

TS-Dating: Best Transgender Dating Apps Review (2021)

Inscription - 3/5

Prise de contact - 5/5

Profile Quality –4/5

Effectiveness –5/5

  • Safe connection
  • Desktop and mobile phone version
  • Finding your perfect match is guaranteed
  • Many active transsexual users
  • Dating app based – location
  • It’s free
  • Too many fields to complete your profile
  • Signing up process it too long, over 15 minutes
  • There is no discretion or complete privacy

This app was created in 2007, and it works by a regular dating site algorithm.

The audience is split and equal.

The founders of TSMingle.com are also transgender people.

They created this site for all transgender people, but for all those who want to meet and admire them, too.

All sexual orientations are welcomed.

Known as a site for the transgender population, the TSMingle app has a lot to offer to straight people, too.

If you are looking for a romantic date, true love or love at first sight, you will probably find it here.

Just pop in, and enjoy.

During the registration process, you need to leave some basic information.

You cannot skip any field, and you have to create a strong username for your profile.

When you are done with the registration process, start using all the benefits you can.

Don’t forget to add your email and location.

The signing up process is possible with Facebook account, and it is much easier.

TSMingle’s original dating algorithm is based on finding matches for you non-stop.

The key to success and to find that you are looking for is to stay the most active you can.

Surf around the app, and check all the profiles you like.

When you open their site, you can see more than 2000 free profiles that you can check at any time.

The other available options are free to use, too. Here are some of them.

In this option, you can see users’ profiles. There are profile pictures, their usernames, and their age under the pictures.

The search option allows you to find the user you are interested in, by age and name.

In the chat option, you can send messages, start chatting and use the video chats, too.

Meet me option allows you and other users to meet on a virtual date. If you choose this option, it means that you are interested in a member’s profile.

This option offers you an opportunity to note your personal experience, and share some interesting content that can be useful for other users to know you better.

On the right corner of the TSMingle dating app, you can see the live cam videos people are starting at the moment you logged in. By clicking on the live video, you will open it, and start your life adventure.

Considering the TSMingle dating app is one pretty open-minded app, this content moves the boundaries of online dating, and allows you to explore all your fetishes.

TSMingle is based on a classic matching date’s algorithm. The algorithm is looking for your perfect match and allows you to start a whole new life experience.

Yes, TSMingle is a free dating app with good features.

Many users are concerned with this question because people can easily access your profile, and it is pretty exposed. But, its team works 24/7 on its security and safety. Before everything you want to post or share, you must pass through the approval process.

Sure you can. It is a very popular transsexual dating app, and one of the best in the world.

Yes, you can. You can use it on your mobile phone, laptop or computer. There is no difference when you use it on all these devices.

4, 25. Ta – da!

TS-Dating: Best Transgender Dating Apps Review (2021)

Inscription - 4/5

Making Contact –4/5

Qualité du profil - 4/5

Efficacité - 4/5

  • Both versions available
  • Many active users
  • Making contact is possible in a few interesting ways
  •  Easy and quick signing up process
  • Fake profiles can be easily made
  • People are usually looking for fun
  • Just some members can see profiles
  • The matching system doesn’t exist

Almost 90% of users are men.

More than 80% are Americans.

There are 81 million registered users.

Worldwide members are from 20 to 50 years old.

This naughty app puts the accent on your inner desires and other fantasies.

Many members are sexually active, and they are finding new partners constantly.

There is everything, even some couples registered together.

Let’s be sincere and direct.

This app is an app for all those who like sex, sex adventures, all types of intimate relationships, physical and emotional.

This is the app for brave ones and curious ones.

The signing up process is pretty much similar as in all dating apps of this type.

You need to write down all the basic information, and then you have to confirm the verification process that will be sent to your email account.

The field you must fill is the one with your sexual preference.

You can hide behind the unique username you can create, and that provides your safety.

There are many different features you can use such as private chats, messages you want to send or even live streams you can share privately.

There are blog and vlog options where you can share your sexual experience and preferences.

If you want to upgrade your profile, here are some extra features.

When you like someone’s profile, you can send to its users some tips that will help them to upgrade their profiles, and attract more people at the same time.

Send virtual gifts to your favorite profiles.

Use your imagination.

Choose your favorite profiles, put them on your hotlist, and let them know if you are very interested in meeting them.

Flirt with beloved ones by sending them different emojis.

There are erotic video stories you can watch and share with the users you can choose.

You can make these stories come true.

This option can cause some extra charges.

This option offers you video lessons with all kinds of educational sex materials.

The app offers you a great number of rooms and groups to chat with.

If you want, you can create your group or chat room, too.

This option provides you with watching live videos and joining them, as well.

Yes, it is, and all its contents, as well.

The basic features are free, but if you want to use extra features, you need to buy them.

You have three different packages. The price goes from 4 to 40 US dollars.

The AdultFriendFinder possesses the Security Certificate. However, some users can abuse this app, but they will be banned immediately.

Among all the best transgender dating apps, this beauty deserves 4 of all.