Recensione di Chat Avenue ottobre 2021 - Scam o date reali? -

  • The member only has to enter a username to enter the chat rooms
  • It only takes a few seconds to a minute to create an account
  • You may upload one photo for the avatar

You may or may not register if you want to access a chatroom. Just entering a username and signing in as a guest user will suffice. However, you may also choose to create an account with them if you want. You only need to enter your email address, username, and password. You may use this account everytime you visit the site. It will also ask you to login when you change chat rooms.

  • You may add other people who have created an account on Chat Avenue
  • There are a lot of fake profiles
  • The site does not verify the identity of users but they store IP addresses

The only information that the profile page holds are the username, image, gender, age, About me page, and online status. Although you may create an account, some chat rooms will only allow you to enter as a guest user. Some of these chat rooms are Adult chat and Sex chat.

“I experienced both the good and the bad in this dating site. First off, the chat rooms are always filled with people. You almost could not keep up with the conversations because of the number of people. That is a positive thing for me. However, sending a simple “hi” to the public chat rooms will gain you at least 3 private messages asking if you like cuddles and dicks, even when I’m in a Girls chat room. Overall, I will still use this chat site for fun, when I’m bored. But honestly, this does not seem like a good place to start looking if what I’m after is a serious relationship.”

Tom, 32

There are a lot of people who go online all the time so I always have someone to talk to. The problem is, chat rooms are always flooded with messages so it’s hard to stay on a topic. It’s fun, but there are some quirks to it.

Chandler, 34, Nurse

All the instructions are simple. It helps that the rules and regulations always pop up before you can join a chat room.

The charging times are short so there’s no problem with how the functions work. The chat rooms have simple designs but you can definitely tell that they put some thought into it.

Every chat room has its own theme depending on the room’s topic. Emojis and avatars are also designed for each room.

Chat Avenue has the following special features to make your stay worthwhile:

Have conversation with multiple people at once by entering the fun chat rooms. This feature is available for free.

Talk to someone privately using the personal chat that is also available for free.

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