Luxy Review ottobre 2021 - Money pit o un posto dove innamorarsi? -

Luxy is a dating site designed for millionaire singles who want to find true love among like-minded people. Since it supposedly accepts wealthy members only, the site attracts people with potentially impure motivations. As a countermeasure, the site has developed the “Anti-Scam System” to filter and eliminate people with questionable identities.

This millionaire matchmaker promises to have wealthy members with verified incomes which goes up to 500 thousand US dollars per month. It also does not accept members who seek a sugar baby and sugar daddy arrangement.

Has Luxy been successful in implementing a millionaires-only membership which has made it famous? Find out about this and more information in this review.

  • Ottieni un profilo personale che puoi compilare
  • You will see the list of all the currently online people.
  • Target population are millionaire singles who want to find a like-minded millionaire date or partner.
  • Female users are more active than male users in sending roses.
  • Majority of the members has complete photo albums.
  • More than half of the community declare their incomes to be at least 500 thousand dollars per month.

Even if you specified your gender during the registration process, you would still be able to browse and date among the profiles of both male and female. You will also receive matches from similar genders. All you have to do is to toggle between the “Show Me Women” or “Show Me Men” drop-downs beside the search tool.

Majority of the users do not disclose their incomes publicly on the site even if they have completed the income verification step. Disclosure of income amount is voluntary only.

  • You need to get at least 50% votes from existing users before you can finish the registration.
  • The vouching process takes about 24 hours.
  • You may complete your profile while waiting for the vouching process to finish.
  • You may upload your entire photo album (maximum of 9 photos) during registration.
  • Your match recommendation will depend on your search preference.

Before you can create an account and use the features of Luxy, you need to get at least 50% approval from existing users. This works by letting existing users vote “yes” or “no” to a new member as in a vouching system before you can start to date. Users help in filtering out unwanted new members. The results are computed by dividing the number of positive votes to the total number of voters.

You also have the opportunity to add the luxury brands you like inside your profile. You can do this by clicking on the brand name you usually use or like the most during the personality test.

  • You will see all of the photos inside a member’s profile.
  • The site does not share the personal data of its users to third-party entities as a privacy measure.
  • All information inside every profile is accessible to everyone in the site.
  • The “Anti-Scam System” filters out those who have fake photos and identities.
  • There are some fake profiles, but they are easily detected after a few days.
  • I profili sono abbastanza dettagliati
  • Le informazioni sul profilo possono essere modificate in seguito
  • Le immagini del profilo sono visibili a tutti gratuitamente
  • Profile albums can be added later.

The vouching process during registration helps a lot in making the profiles complete. It is because users tend to give positive ratings more if a person’s profile has a lot of information and does not seem like a rushed, fake profile.

You will see some fake profiles on the site who use images taken from public photo-sharing websites. If these profiles match your criteria, they will be at your search results but only for a few days. Luxy’s “Anti-Scam System” detects these fake profiles and removes their account entirely.

  • You can only verify your photo using the app.
  • All functionalities in the desktop version are available on the app.
  • The design looks clear and appropriate.
  • The app is available for Android and Apple devices.
  • It is free to download.

The app looks as good and works as smooth as the website. However, it seems like the app is more convenient and more compact. You can easily find the functionalities that you need within the app. You may also get a clearer look of the profile albums because the app has better photo scaling settings compared to the desktop version.

“Me on a dating site? Why not? After all, I had been single for a while. Guys were all very nice and respectful on Luxy. I have been talking to this particular guy for a while now. He has a good sense of humor, makes me laugh all the time with his jokes. We also came from a very similar family background. I might discuss with him the possibility of a meet-up. He already asked me before to go out on a date but I refused because I thought it was too early. I really hope we can take what we have to the next level. I am 35-years-old and want to finally settle down. Wish me luck.”

– Andrea, 35, Entrepreneur

Luxy’s black and gold color tones give a luxurious vibe to the dating site. The buttons also look elegant especially the single rose and bouquet of flowers’ design. You will feel like the developers meticulously prepared everything from the functionalities to its appearance because of these small details.

You can easily carry out a command just by clicking a few buttons. It also does not have complicated buttons.

You can customize your dating experience and find true love while protecting your privacy by using Luxy’s special features:

Skip the vouching process during registration. Get this through the Luxy BLACK membership.

Do you want to send a message to a person who is not matched with you? This service is available with Luxy BLACK membership.

You can search profiles in any location. Use the search tool on the homepage for this.

See who just viewed your profile on Luxy. This is available even for free accounts.

See who wants to match with you. Just go to your messages tab and click “Who Likes Me” to see the list.

Members won’t know that you checked their profile using this special feature. You can have this feature through the Luxy BLACK membership.

Only those you liked can see your profile. You can have this feature through the Luxy BLACK membership.

This unique feature is available, for free, to users who already verified their income at Luxy. Using the “Face Me” feature, both parties can click the “Video Date” button which prompts them to share their WhatsApp number of Instagram profile. Once the exchange of contact details transpired, members now have the option continue their interaction through a video call courtesy of either of the said platforms.

Since the call happens via a third-party app, the moderators of Luxy promptly strengthened its screening process. Also, existing users are urged to swap details only with members they’ve been flirting with for quite some time.