Tinder Fails (2021)

Tinder never fails to surprise us, what is the surprise today?

Well, let’s find out in this exciting piece that focuses on Tinder fails.

We will explore:

"Miglior matchmaker""Incontri discreti""Best for Flings"
Tinder Fails (2021)Tinder Fails (2021)Tinder Fails (2021)

The weirdest Tinder covos ever Some very funny Tinder bios & covos The craziest Tinder profiles you never knew existed

Without further delay, let’s get started!

Tinder Fails (2021)

Tinder è il più grande sito di incontri là fuori.

La gamma spazia dalle persone in cerca di un'avventura veloce alle relazioni serie.

It is not only for hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashely Madison) or only for serious relationships (like eHarmony).

Whenever you think that Tinder can’t surprise us all, somehow it really surprises with its new fails.

Messages that users write can be terrifying and funny at the same time.

But there aren’t just messages that surprise us, there are also users’ profiles that can be pretty shocking, and there are profiles that can be quite cute.

Check out the list of the best tinder cringes ever.

Or as I call her winax lady.

Imagine the girl that is wine, Xanax, and drama lover at the same time.

I don’t think this lady will ever find her perfect match considering her bio.

It may be possible if her perfect match is a Prozac guy.

Good luck, Mary Winax!

Tinder Fails (2021)

Should this guy visit a doctor, chiropractic, or just be blocked on Tinder.

This wasn’t funny at all Mister Pain in the back.

Or should I rename you, Mister Pain in the ass?

Tinder Fails (2021)

The father of this girl’s child must be 12 000 miles away now.

Potential fathers, do not respond!

Tinder Fails (2021)

Okay, honestly, this is a very cool teacher.

If I was him, I would give her an A.

Or, I would make him give me an A.

Just kidding!

Stay at school and don’t blackmail your teachers.

Tinder Fails (2021)

How weird is this?!

Your match’s Mom is texting you.

Is the problem in his Mom, himself, or both?

Better run, girl!

Your big fat marriage is already there!

Tinder Fails (2021)

Okay, Travis, we can see that you really love your truck.

Question for you: are you looking for a girlfriend or you are looking for Miss Truck?

And why in the Earth did you put that huge handsome vehicle for your profile picture?!

Tinder Fails (2021)

I have to admit that this guy acted cool, and he was funny.

But, what about the girl who swiped right?

Have you EVER seen a nice hat in your life?

Thumbs up for you, Hatman!

Tinder Fails (2021)

All right, Sheldon Cooper, apologize to this young lady!


Tinder Fails (2021)

I’m just going to pass on another Tinder cringe because the picture is already speaking for itself.

Tinder Fails (2021)

Be wise, but write your words more wisely.

Maybe, she was just cranky that day.

Tinder Fails (2021)

Sorry, Michael Scofield, it’s 2021.

Your TV show is over years ago!

Tinder Fails (2021)

Ouch! That hurts!

Tinder Fails (2021)

This package is very important.

What a nice offer from this delivery company.

You must be proud of your services.

Tinder Fails (2021)

There are a bunch of stupid profiles like this one on Tinder.

It’s not funny, it’s not interesting, it’s not bald, and it’s not even cringe at all.

Tinder Fails (2021)

Everybody will be fascinated by this photo.

They will be sad at the same time because the pet is missing in this photo.

The owner is cute, but where is the dog?

Tinder Fails (2021)

It’s hard to be a standup comedian, isn’t it?

Do you know why it is so hard for you to be a standup comedian?

Because you aren’t funny.

Neither is this joke.

Tinder Fails (2021)

Verb tidy means bring order to or arrange neatly.

I think that we have to spell it for this girl.

Damn, girl, tidy your room before you post it on Tinder!

No one is watching your perfect skinny body.

No one can because it’s a mess.

Tinder Fails (2021)

It’s okay to be dead inside, but not wearing a seatbelt?!

You and I are over!

That’s it!

I can’t take it anymore!

Tinder Fails (2021)

Shame on you because you look really normal and cute! Pity…

Or, your boyfriend wrote instead of you.

Hide your password better.

It’s not okay for him to ruin your status on Tinder.

Tinder Fails (2021)

Don’t mess with the girl who likes apples.

She can swallow you.

Like, for real.

Tinder Fails (2021)

Milf or not, her Mom is probably hiding somewhere.

What’s her Dad opinion that his wife is a milf, and his daughter a potential one?

Just wondering!

Tinder Fails (2021)

"Miglior matchmaker""Incontri discreti""Best for Flings"
Tinder Fails (2021)Tinder Fails (2021)Tinder Fails (2021)

Actually, this is pretty cool.

He is funny, smart, and he’s a poet.

What else do you, girls, want?

Tinder Fails (2021)

Total fail!

Tinder Fails (2021)

You’re busted!

This is awkwardly funny!

Tinder Fails (2021)

Picture worth a thousand words …

Tinder Fails (2021)

This Tinder user has a lot of fun.

Auto conversation!

He’s never bored.

Tinder Fails (2021)

Hope you never make it!


This is creepy!


Tinder Fails (2021)

Girls always say that men are selfish.

They never remember birthdays or anniversaries.

Well, guess what?

This guy remembers, he knows.

This is great! Hilarious!

Tinder Fails (2021)

Thanks God this guy is okay!

Good for him!

He put me in coma.

Tinder Fails (2021)

You, my man, have serious stomach problems, or heavy allergy.

Is this for real?

Tinder Fails (2021)

Excuse me, senora.

Didn’t knowa.

Dis is hola.


Are you serious?!

Tinder Fails (2021)

“Please, stop messaging me!” – said Coca Cola lover.

Tinder Fails (2021)

This one is pretty awesome.

A guy asked a girl for her number.

She gave him two numbers, one is hers, and the other one is her father’s.

Is he brave enough for this fair play game?

It’s genius.

Tinder Fails (2021)

If you don’t have something smart to say, don’t say anything at all.

Tinder Fails (2021)

This was pretty clever move.


Tinder Fails (2021)

Burn, baby, burn!

Tinder Fails (2021)

Hey, hey, it’s not yay, yay! Sorry!

Tinder Fails (2021)

The first impression is that these two young people have known each other for years.

They probably were in marriage in another life.

The less you talk, the better you act.

Tinder Fails (2021)

This one was Houdini’s kind of trick.

It could be smart, but it wasn’t.

Tinder Fails (2021)

Tinder fails are really hurt these poor guy feelings.

Tinder Fails (2021)

Whenever you have Blue Monday, you can always scroll down Tinder craziest fails to put back a smile on your face.

In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.